Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Teri Rose Near Death Experience or Terri When Mispelled

I know that people go online and search for Teri Rose near death experience() because they tell me they do, mostly misspelling it Terri. So I want to give you something that I think is helpful. It's a special package I put together to help you see how powerful you really are, if you aren't thoroughly convinced of that right now. I don't like talking about my actual NDE experience as much as like talking about all of the important things I learned about our co-creating abilities.  I saw it and it was hard to believe at the time. But now science makes it pretty evident.
Over and over studies show that the focus of our consciousness and the act of creating an intention actually has an impact on the photons of Light that become physical matter.  Technology also records that we emit photons of Light.  Our energy is powerful and I'd like to show you some examples of how you can focus your Light with an intention and accomplish great things.
You should see the information so you can download my Free White Light Method Package if you would like it.  I hope you will think about it with an open mind and use the technique I will show you.  It really can be miraculous!

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